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Respect, care, integrity, and compassion, are priorities for our staff. Infants to geriatric and in between, we pride ourselves on making sure every experience is a great one!

We take care of processing, shipping, and delivery to lab.

Areas of service :

(Please reach out if you think you are not in our service area, we are expanding rapidly! We can add your area if needed!)










N Carolina


S Carolina


Our staff has a combined education with the following:

American Heart Association

All our staff m​aintains a certificate for CPR/AED/Firstaid for the medical provider and continued education through the American Heart association.


Our owner also has a certificate and education/training as an Emergency Medical Responder and EMT. This is an added benefit,  No matter the situation, it's always handled professionally and with prioritized care.

Certified Medical Assistants

Several of our staff are also Medical assistants, EMT's, EMR's and retired and working nurses and Paramedics / Firefighters.

CA Dept of Health Licensed CPT

Because we staff multiple areas/ states, several of our staff also maintains State licenses with the dept of health to maintain the proper licensing and education state to state.


National Health Association

Where needed our staff are also licensed with the National Health Association for Certified Licensed Phlebotomy nationally to cover states where a state specific licenses are not required.

Federal DOT/ Non DOT/ FAA Certified Collectors

We have certified Collectors, with over 7 years experience. We ensure integrity, accuracy, and professionalism in all our collection services.

(We will offer this service soon)

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